An AMR Academic report says that 50% of the development cost lies in defect detection and defect fixing costs a whopping $60 billion. Proper software testing in a dedicated environment can help brings costs down to $20 billion.

Our Testing services help customers leverage our best practices, reusable assets, comprehensive test repository, global delivery models and 24 x 7 support to deliver reliable and quality software.

We focus on Quality Assurance and Testing Services (QATS) to provide exponential value addition to our customers. We synergize with our division FocusFrame to provide a Unified Service Offering (USO) which effectively uses Approach, People and Technology (APT) for better performance and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our Testing Core Benefits

A dedicated Testing Center of Excellence coupled with a core focus on Domain and Technology Consulting guarantees the following business benefits.

The NeelInfo Advantage

Software Testing Tools Expertise

Multi Skilled Experts from Strategy to Execution