In today's competitive market driven economy it is not only sufficient to provide your customers with the best service levels and customer experience over the short-term, but also analyze the transactional information to develop better services and products for your customer over the long run through the discovery of not-so-obvious insights into customers wants and needs.

NeelInfo CRM practice is driven by the philosophy that we work for our customers' customers. At NeelInfo we believe that Customer Relationship Management is a strategy to help attract, retain and grow a profitable customer base. And the CRM packages are merely a means to help execute the CRM strategy.

NeelInfo provides end-to-end CRM services that include devising CRM strategy, CRM package evaluation, feasibility analysis, implementation, upgrade, data migration and post-implementation support.

At our CRM practice we measure the success of our CRM projects using various metrics:

CRM Service Offering

NeelInfo offers end-to-end enterprise solutions ranging from package selection to application support and maintenance.

Products and Technologies

NeelInfo's CRM practice today offers services related to the leading enterprise packages:

Methodologies and Tools

NeelInfo has developed mature and best in class methodologies, processes and reusable tools that help client get jump start over their CRM initiatives. These assets have evolved over years of experience in various projects. They can be customized to suit specific engagement need.

Our Value Proposition

NeelInfo's CRM practice is a leading solution provider where customer management is a very vital component of business strategy. Our deep knowledge of business processes in Sales, Marketing, Support, Service and Analytics help companies realize their business goals in terms of improved customer service, increased revenue, greater market reach, better business processes and lower operational cost. Our methodologies, processes and toolkits accelerate delivery engagements and offer greater value. Our strategic alliances with leading product vendors and partnership approach help companies stay current with technology trends.

Our CRM Services have been highly acclaimed by some of the world's top organizations.