Improve product development processes across the value chain

Today manufacturing companies must address a variety of complex challenges: frequent design changes, disparate systems with incompatible data, regulatory compliance, and more. At the same time, globalization and changing workforce demographics are driving new demands for optimized product development processes, more effective collaboration, and distributed data management.

To better compete and win, manufacturing companies, both large and small are seeking solutions to solve these product development challenges.

Product Lifecycle Management is a category of technologies for evolving product information from idea to retirement in a way that offers business advantage.

Realize more value from Product Lifecycle Management

For multinational corporations as well as for small tooling or design shops, achieving success in product development is more challenging than ever. Today’s best product development organizations rely on solutions that effectively deliver the essential technology capabilities as well as process improvements required for lasting success.
Based on our experience with over 50,000 global manufacturing companies of all sizes, the need for the following five critical capabilities has emerged.