Healthcare & Life Sciences

In the smarter city, doctors focus on people, not paperwork

Personalized healthcare requires an open and robust health information technology environment, which will provide access to more complete patient information and incorporate advanced clinical knowledge into clinical decision making.

We have identified the following major challenges:

At NeelInfo, we recognize the critical nature of Health Care work, and pride ourselves in treating every Hospital, Research Laboratory or Outpatient Facility as if it were a place of care for one of our own family members. When working in these facilities we focus on:

Technology acts as a foundation for the healthcare industry In - reducing costs, enabling delivery and increasing access. NeelInfo provides a comprehensive range of Consulting, Implementation, Process Outsourcing and Testing services that equip you to excel in changing market conditions.

NeelInfo's Subject Matter Experts closely monitor healthcare industry trends. Leveraging our functional and technical expertise, NeelInfo's professionals deliver solutions and frameworks to address business challenges such as regulatory compliance, operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

For Payers, we offer solutions to increase operational effectiveness through integrated systems, efficient data warehouses and business intelligence gathering. NeelInfo's solutions enable clients to meet regulatory deadlines such as the upcoming HIPAA 5010 conversion. Our healthcare BPO solutions, such as Claims reconciliation, enable cost-effective transaction processing.

For Providers, our specific service offerings include Supply Chain Management, Patient Accounting, Revenue Cycle management, HR and Finance applications, testing and integrated BPO services for the billing and revenue cycle and Electronic Health Records management (EMR).