Airlines and Airports

Airline industry is faced with ever increasing competition challenging the service providers to reduce costs while improving quality. In this dynamic environment, attracting new customers while retaining existing ones through superior customer service is not only a competitive differentiator but also an absolute necessity. Information systems play a key role in helping the airlines achieve these objectives.

NeelInfo, having 2500+ Person Years of experience in providing solutions to airline Industry, caters to 8 out of top 20 airlines in the world. Our Airlines experience covers several functional areas from Reservation & Departure Control to Revenue Protection & Management, Crew Scheduling to Management Information System, Airline MRO to Customer Loyalty and Cargo Operations to Terminal Warehousing systems.


The boom in travel and transportation has resulted in significant increase in the number of passengers, baggage, cargo and flights being handled at airports. Airports are struggling to provide world-class customer service without the use of innovative state-of-the-art technology solutions. These solutions would help enhance the operational efficiency, service standards and thereby customer satisfaction.

NeelInfo has significant expertise in providing mission critical passenger and cargo solutions at various airports. Our solutions have enabled the airlines in providing outstanding customer experience.