Travel, Transportation, Hospitality & Logistics

Various industry segments in Travel, Transportation, Hospitality and Logistics industry are facing issues related to scalability, information availability and customer service. In order to succeed, the players within this industry have to continually find ways to service customers better and reduce costs through the effective use of information technology.

NeelInfo recognizes these issues with a deep understanding of the industry. At NeelInfo, we bridge the gap between technology and its use, with an aim to optimize costs and enhance productivity.

NeelInfo's Travel, Transportation, Hospitality & Logistics practice can be categorized into:

Category Sub-verticals

Airlines & Airports
Airports, Cargo Operations, Crew Scheduling, Customer Loyalty, MRO, Flight Operations, PSS, Revenue Accounting, Revenue Management

Travel & Hospitality
Car Rentals & Cruise Lines, Hotels & Restaurants, Travel & Hospitality Portals

Transportation & Logistics
Logistics (3PL, Mail & Courier, Warehousing, Freight Forwarding), Shipping & Ports

Railroad Services
New age rail ticket Retail & Fulfillment Solutions, Settlement & Revenue Accounting Solutions, Freight Handling, Rail Engineering & Maintenance Tracking Solutions, Carbon Emission Calculator Solutions

The key service offerings are:
Our application services are spread across technologies from legacy (USAS, TPF) to new generation technologies like J2EE/.NET. 

The following are our niche service offerings: