Contract Management System

NeelInfo offers a comprehensive solution in the contracts management space, encompassing application development and outsourcing of non-core functions. Propelled by our robust domain and process expertise, the features we offer surpass all competition.

With the inception of Sarbanes Oxley, State Lawsuits surrounding broker commissions and provider payments, contract management is high on executive agendas. In addition companies are trying to move from a paper intensive process to an electronic paperless process. The introduction of electronic processes can be made more efficient if companies could capture electronic signatures on their documents and contracts. Current Contract management processes are manually intense and very departmental centric.

Enterprise wide contract management tools and services can provide efficiencies and reduce overall cost. NeelInfo see's current state, business drivers, opportunity and how things could be automated in this space to streamline overall processes, improve efficiencies and compliance.NeelInfo's Contract Management technology platform will deliver capabilities to enable companies to work collaboratively and more effectively to manage these contracts. This platform will provide enterprise wide contract management features that will help in meeting challenges that are critical to business such as efficiency, compliance and risk management. This platform will support functionality for following key areas related to contract management.

Automated Processes - Includes end-to-end Contract creation and management of all contracts created by company with vendors, partners and other parties in electronic format.

Web Based Contracts Platform - A highly scalable web based contract platform with customizable workflow and back office integration.

Key Features of our Solution

A Very Comprehensive Repository

  • Manage Provider Database
  • Centralized repository of contracts
  • Standardized Contracting Templates and Languages
  • Enterprise wise Customized Contract Workflows
  • An inventory of Documents such as Legal clauses, Rate tables, etc.

Easy & Convenient Reference & Retrieval of Information

  • Regular Performance report Publishing
  • Simplified information retrieval during extended negotiations
  • Minimize manual follow-ups between the provider relations, legal and financial departments

Minimized Costs through Focus

  • Avoid cost incurred due to delayed renewal of provider contracts
  • Allow relationship management staff to focus solely on Provider relations
  • Ensured compliance through Templates, Workflow tools

A High-End but User-Friendly Technical Support System

  • Real time View into your contracts pipeline: Active, Terminated, Upcoming for renewal and Expired Contracts
  • Work with Excel, Word, etc. to edit contracts without leaving the browser
  • Use a simple and uniform paradigm to contract across all provider, broker and employer types
  • Integrates with your back office systems to feed contract, commisions, rate data to payer back office systems Efficient Database Management with support for features like National Provider ID, etc.