NeelInfo’s Insurance Practice enables insurers to stay ahead of competition by helping them transform into a leaner and robust organization capable of seizing business opportunities and product innovations.

We understand the challenges insurers face in the wake of stringent regulatory control, shrinking margins, changing consumer demographics and rising operational and transactional costs. To meet these challenges, insurers need to respond with increased business agility, rationalized processes and appropriate products. We work with several Fortune 500 insurers, providing them with innovative insurance solutions by leveraging our consulting, IT and Business Process Outsourcing and System Integration services.

Our success stories range from customer acquisition portals to claims transformation, actuarial modeling to distribution management. We help clients increase customer and agency retention by improving their experiences, enabling multiple self-service channels while simultaneously driving down costs.

NeelInfo's extensive experience in providing software solutions to Insurance world-wide helps our customers to maintain their edge in this increasingly competitive, yet tightly regulated market.

We strongly believe in the partnership model of operation and continuously strive to deliver value additions and innovations that help our clients to secure cost savings on IT maintenance and to gain improvements in operational efficiencies.

NeelInfo Insurance Services Portfolio

Domain Consulting

  • New Business & Underwriting
  • Policy Administration
  • Agency Compensation
  • Claims Administration

Technology Services

  • Application Systems Implementation & Support
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Auto-updating Documentation Solutions
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Enterprise Solutions (ERPs)
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Document Output Management

Back Office and Process Optimization

  • Process Consulting
  • Claims pre-processing & Adjudication
  • Manual Policy Data Migration
  • Electronic Agreement Management Solutions
  • Outputs Document Design

Management Decision Support Services

  • Business Intelligence / Data warehousing solutions
  • Business Rule Engine Services

Domain Consulting

Use the expertise of NeelInfo business analysts to align yourself with best practices in core insurance business processes such as

  • New Business & Underwriting
  • Policy Administration
  • Agency Compensation
  • Claims Administration

In the following business domains: Life Insurance - Term, Whole Life, Universal, Variable, Variable-Universal, for Annuities - Deferred, Immediate, Fixed, Variable, Market value adjusted, Equity indexed, for Pension - Traditional IRA, Simple IRA, 401k, UK Pensions, for P & C Insurance - Auto, Marine, Property, Liability, Workers comp, for Health Insurance - Hospital management system, Long term care.

Technology Services

Application Systems Implementation & Support

NeelInfo's 400 strong team of technical experts can help insurers bring down cost of Implementation, Support and Maintenance of bespoke and COTS Insurance Systems by implementing the following measures.

  • Rationalization of support team-size
  • Leveraging offshore team-size ramp-up and ramp-down flexibility
  • Exploiting time-zone differences using offshore and near-shore teams
  • Self-updating documentation solutions for COTS products

Legacy Modernization

NeelInfo expertise in modernization of legacy systems helps insurers to:

  • Improve Efficiency and Consistency of Decision Processes e.g. underwriting rules, product pricing by migration of dispersed decision logic into Business Rule Engines
  • Incrementally eliminate legacy functionality using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Build, standardize and simplify intranet and external web interfaces like customer and broker portals.
  • Rationalize redundant solutions e.g. Migrate all logic in Java to .NET or COBOL to Java code
  • Optimize CPU utilization and bring down cost of operating legacy architecture using our performance tuning services.
  • Leverage NeelInfo expertise in Data Migration to plan out your legacy data management strategy

Quality Assurance & Testing Services

  • Improve Quality Assurance by setting up QA Center of Excellence
  • Leverage NeelInfo's Private Auto Insurance Testing IP to speed up development of test cases, improve quality of coverage. Read more...
  • Save on cost of regression testing by implementing automation on popular solutions like HP QuickTest Professional software
  • NeelInfo BPT Accelerators for quick development of automated test suites on PeopleSoft, SAP and Siebel

Enterprise Solutions (ERPs & CRMs)

  • Draw on resources from our strong ERP practices with certified professionals in SAP, Peoplesoft, Siebel etc.
  • Streamline management of resources, plan global HR rollouts, General Ledger implementations and upgrades on Peoplesoft, SAP
  • Strengthen your partner relationship management infrastructure using Siebel to create Broker Relationship management portals or to implement Claims Processing

Document Output Management Services

NeelInfo offers a focused service offering on DOM. This service is primarily focused on its financial customers such as Insurance due to its large dependency on documents such as policy contracts, renewals, updates, change of address.

NeelInfo has expertise in industry standard DOM tools across the various DOM categories:

  • Structured such as Financial Statements
  • Interactive such as Group Insurance Contracts
  • On-Demand such as Online Quotes

NeelInfo DOM team also works closely to the ECM and BPM teams as the industry aligns DOM & ECM products to provide better integrated services to its customers.

Process Consulting

NeelInfo business analysts and the Insurance Center of Excellence perform consulting assignments with insurance companies to enable carriers to

  • Identify the right metrics to measure operational performance.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement (process inefficiencies)
  • Institutionalize industry best practices
  • Perform technology surveys
  • Determine & Improve TCO of core business activities

Business Process Outsourcing

NeelInfo's BPO arm i.e. Caliber Point provides a number of services that can transform the efficiency of insurance back office activities such as Examples

  • Process Consulting : to improve the efficiency of back-office operations
  • Call Center Services
  • Data entry and Pre-processing of claims
  • Claims Adjudication
  • Documents Designing : Using output management solutions like EMC Document Sciences XPresssions
  • Manual Data migration of policy data.

Management Decision Support Services

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Earn quick visible returns on your investment in business intelligence using our Jump Start kits covering

  • Marketing Performance
  • Sales or Distribution Channel Analysis
  • Quality of Customer Service
  • Underwriting Efficiency
  • Claims Processing

Leverage our expertise in usage of standard data quality solutions to eliminate duplicate customers and to identify cross-selling opportunities using Householding.

Use our technical skills and technology partnership with SAS to implement predictive analytics to build better rate-making and customer segmentation models

Use our experience and expertise on merger and separation of data in warehouses to secure an integrated view of enterprise data.

Business Rule Engine Implementation Services

The increasing time-lag between the conception of insurance innovations and the rollout of process improvements by IT departments is a growing cause of concern world-wide. Business Rule Engines, which represent validations and processing of rules in business user friendly terms, have proved to be the perfect answer to this problem. These engines significantly reduce time-to-market for products and facilitate process innovations by moving control of decision rule customizations out from complex legacy code into the hands of business-savvy end-users

For example, a clever business rule engine implementation in a claims department could increase right through the processing and yet improve efficiency of fraud detection by transferring only claims that fail standard rule engine validations into the hands of a claims adjustor. The efficiency of the claims department would continue to rise rapidly as adjustors would themselves be able to add and modify rules for detecting exceptions without going through a lengthy IT change management and rollout process