The leasing eco-system has gone global. Leasing players, whether pure play or bank owned, are impacted heavily by accelerated globalization of markets and services and are increasingly looking at acquiring overseas clientele. As more and more lessees are demanding global solutions to their finance needs, regulatory environment is also forcing lessors to provide deeper insight into their customer base. The role of IT systems in enabling globalization has never been more critical than it is today, as Lessors need to move quickly in order to implement end-to-end global IT systems to gain competitive advantage in the new era.

Gaining Competitive Advantage and Operational Efficiencies through Unified Systems

NeelInfo's end-to-end business IT solutions for Lessors bring the following benefits:

  • Single database solution: End-to-end solutions using a single master database through technologies that support multilingual, multi currency requirements
  • Simplistic integration model which allows for better visibility to client details, risks, asset concentration
  • Better business processes and scalability of functionality in future
  • Use of a single vendor and offshore model to enable significant reduction in investment required for transforming IT systems, at a time when need ROI is becoming increasingly important and managing multiple vendors is becoming more complex and costly
  • Ability to leverage existing infrastructure of the parent company in case of a captive, or if independent, deploy one/more module(s) of the leasing solution to strengthen select process areas, which need to be streamlined

Leasing Solutions from NeelInfo

NeelInfo provides end-to-end leasing solutions for lessors of all types and sizes. With rich experience gained from developing a 'Unified' leasing solution for one of the largest leasing companies in Europe, NeelInfo can offer leasing solutions such as all or part of the following systems:

Industries Leasing
  • Customer Management, Channel Partner Management
  • Lease Origination systems
    • Offer systems, Product Configuration systems
  • Core Contract Management systems
    • Offer systems, Product Configuration systems
    • Refinancing, Accounting
  • Asset Management

Value Proposition

  • Only Indian IT company offering end-to-end solutions for the Leasing sector
  • Successfully executed the single largest legacy reengineering project to be deployed by an Indian IT company from offshore: 3000 legacy programs translating into 8 million lines of code
  • 3 year old Leasing practice
  • Several experienced Leasing domain experts, with knowledge of international leasing practices
  • Capability in offering end-to-end leasing solutions
  • Capabilities in multiple technologies Mainframe, internet technologies, ERP/CRM/Business Analytics