Mobile Solutions

Mobile Application Development

NeelInfo offers end-to-end Mobile Application Development services – from Mobile App Concept Development to actual App Development to App Marketing and Promotion.

From Concept to Feasibility Study

At NeelInfo we approach Mobile Application Development in a systematic and organized way. We coordinate with clients right from scratch. We work with them through the Concept Development of the app to be created and the feasibility of creating such an app. Our Concept Development process involves research and analysis on the scope of the application, its USP, its target users and the mileage it will offer the client’s brand.

Conceptualize, Develop and Market

Based on the Feasibility study, we set a schedule to build the App Concept we developed together with the client. Our mobile developers are skilled in Apple’s developer tools like Xcode, Cocoa Touch framework and Objective C. Our mobile programmers create a tightly-integrated Xcode development experience that makes adding the essential elements to apps easier with just a few lines of code.

App Approval Process & App Promotion

NeelInfo does not stop with Mobile App Development. We guide clients in submitting the app to the Apple store and getting it approved. After the rigors of app approval, we work towards marketing and promoting the app to increase its visibility online.