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Discover the world of innovation, learning, growth and equal opportunities with NeelInfo. Explore exciting IT and consulting careers across the world and be a part of a challenging work environment. Explore opportunities, beyond boundaries.

Our Values
At NeelInfo, our objective is to create an environment where great people can do their best work and find the path to realize their full potential. Our values form the nucleus of our corporate culture. Our culture places great emphasis on teamwork, professional and personal development and quality of life.

Our values act as a foundation for our evolving culture and are the basis of our operational mode.  Our values preserve the team environment and the founding spirit of the company. They are the source of our creative ingenuity and success. So, we empower each associate to be driven by values, nurturing new ideas and fostering excellence. 

Why NeelInfo?
There has never been a better time to join NeelInfo. We’re a dynamic company with a strong vision in a growing global market. At a time when customers are demanding more and more from their technology, we’re changing the way the world manages IT, to help customers better perform, compete and grow.