Global Payroll

Globalization, increased employee mobility and increased mergers and acquisitions is making payroll highly complex and challenging to administrate. At the same time technology advancement enables today's Global Payroll software to run payroll processes from a central location for multiple countries using a single database and yet provide the ability to enter and access payroll data from anywhere in the world.

NeelInfo leads the way Global Payroll Roll out and Implementation and offers end-to-end solution for small, medium and large organizations evaluating Multi-country Payroll implementation through the offshore model.


  • Implementation, Upgrade and Support of Global Payroll Applications(PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle)
  • Development of country extensions
  • Standardisation of pay elements across countries without losing sight of country-specific requirements.
  • Integration with HRMS
  • Localization: In accordance with country specific requirements - both statutory and non-statutory
  • Managing Multi Lingual requirements: Handling non-English reporting based on certain countries' statutory requirements.

NeelInfo's experience in multiple implementations of various Payroll applications such as PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle Apps, etc, has helped us build the tools and method to accelerate the process of deployment.

Benefits of our accelerators

Roll out made easy : Our proprietary methodology for roll out enables us to complete deployment for multiple countries through hub and spoke model within short timeframes from offshore.

Reporting deployment made easy : The tool assists customers/users/developers in satisfying the reporting needs by saving 50-70% of time/effort/cost to deploy. In addition, it allows for multi dimensional reports of superior quality and accuracy.

Productivity improvements : NeelInfo's proprietary tool for deployment results in dramatic improvements in productivity for managing reporting requirements related to Global Payroll.

Our Value Proposition

  • Most comprehensive and mature Payroll solution provider
  • Ability to provide Payroll technology and BPO services
  • Ability to provide Payroll technology and BPO services
  • Deep knowledge of country specific requirements