HR Portals

Increasingly, global corporations are evaluating and adopting portal strategies so as to implement a single, base Human Resource (HR) policy, procedure, and employee brand across the organization.

This implies that the communication of culture and values, employee relations strategies can now be implemented in multiple locations across the globe, with the flexibility to accommodate local requirements of culture, regulations and language.

The advantages

  • Centralized reporting and analysis can happen to feed into corporate decision-making.
  • The organization can easily optimize functions such as resource mobilization from different parts of the world where talent is available

NeelInfo offers the following as part of our Portal Deployment Service.

  • Portal strategy consulting
  • Development, implementation as well as support for Global Human Resource (HR) Portals
  • Customization/personalization required specially in the global vs local dilemma
  • Integration with core systems and data
  • Navigation, workflow support, global reporting/analysis
  • Search facilities and content publishing
  • Building user management features- global/local/business unit/organizational tree etc., and desired security features
  • Building Collaboration features


Elimination of physical media creation and distribution, air travel, manual processing and checking, reducing the number of vendors, and time spent physically tracking, checking and processing are the most common areas where savings can be realized through portal implementations.

In a complex global scenario, it becomes much easier to identify and measure specific process improvements (like reduced cycle times and error rates) with a sound portal strategy.

Measurable reductions in process steps can lead to other benefits such as business process streamlining and flexibility to change with the business environment.

Finally, enhanced employee experience.

Our Value Proposition

  • Rich expertise in developing global Human Resource (HR) portals for Fortune 500 clients
  • Deep capabilities in internet technologies such as dot net and J2EE
  • Sound Human Resource (HR) Functional knowledge