Industry Focus

NeelInfo's Business Intelligence & Analytics practice combines the best of both worlds ' Strong Domain Expertise with Impeccable Technology credentials ' to provide the 'Right' solutions to our customers. Our Solution Accelerators, Process Frameworks and Domain specific analytical packs are completely focused on improving our customer's bottomline and topline growth.

BI for Banking

Our Business Intelligence & Analytics practice has a strong focus on the banking sector and straddles the spectrum of analytical solutions in Retail Banking, Consumer Lending, Wholesale Banking, Cards and Payments and Risk Management. Jumpstart analytical packs around Credit card analytics, Mortgage analytics and Risk domains covering credit, market and operational risk help customers in accelerating their implementation timeframe. We have in-depth expertise in executing projects in regulatory compliance areas on Basel II and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

This is really a fantastic outcome due to the sheer size and complexity of the activities both technical & business analysis that have gone in to make this happen' ' Project Manager for Balanced Scorecard Implementation, A Large Bank"

BI for Capital Market

NeelInfo's core domain strength in capital markets and asset management has been utilized to provide robust, future-proof data warehousing and reporting solutions for our customers. The expertise areas cover 'build from scratch' kind of solutions and also packaged implementations on platforms like Eagle PACE etc. We understand the language of the capital markets and asset management business and have long-standing relationships with some of the marquee names in this industry

'My validation efforts are complete and I have found no defects in the December TAR numbers. I would also like to add that Trust Asset Reporting was completed nearly a day ahead of our SLA' ' Vice President, A Large Asset Management Company"

BI for Insurance

NeelInfo's expertise in providing high-end insurance analytical solutions is based on a sound understanding of the KPIs used to measure the performance of life, general and specialty insurance businesses. Our Insurance analytics jumpstart kit covering key metrics and dimensions pertaining to channel performance, sales growth, claims processing and underwriting will help your managers quickly zero in on operational inefficiencies and remove process bottlenecks. Our intuitive charting of health indicators patterns in combined ratios, lapse ratios, channel persistency, underwriting efficiency , campaign effectiveness, claims TAT etc. foster quick acceptance and adoption by the user community. This in turn facilitates fast rollouts and early returns on your investment in an insurance business Intelligence frameworks.

Congratulations to you all! - Thank you for your amazing work on the ICPRP project. The ICPRP UAT went very well due in large part to your high quality solution design and build, and your speedy turnaround of TPR analysis and resolution' ' Program Manager, A Large Insurance Company"

BI for Transportation

NeelInfo has rich expertise in working with top transportation companies across the spectrum of aviation, rail and road transport. The Business Intelligence practice has a thorough understanding of the value chain in this industry and has demonstrated the capability in more than 50 different engagements. Supply Chain analytics pack for Logistics, Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) analytical pack for Airlines, Customer Loyalty Analytics for Travel industry are some of the differentiators that help customers identify their problems and architect optimized solutions for them.

I wanted to let everyone know that as off 5:30 PM on Sunday, April 13, we are live in MdTA with the new Vector 4 Application. I want to commend everyone for all of their tireless efforts, and sacrifices to achieve this on-time delivery' ' Senior Director, A Large Transportation Services Provider"

BI for Healthcare

'Helping our clients help their customers' is the motto of our practice and there is no better example than the Healthcare world to demonstrate this capability. Being a Gold partner with SAS, one of the leading products in the analytics space, helps us bring a high level of expertise in dealing with pharmaceuticals and health care data. Our domain expertise combined with the technology edge on Business Intelligence helps us provide comprehensive data management solutions to our healthcare customers."

'NeelInfo's knowledge of the concept and business side of SFE GA has increased dramatically. I am positive that we would not have made this deadline without NeelInfo's skills and help over the last couple of months' ' Solutions Architect, A Leading Pharma Information Provider"

BI for Manufacturing

The Business Intelligence practice at NeelInfo has worked with companies in both discrete and process manufacturing areas. By adding 'Mining' to that mix, we are confident of providing solutions to majority of problems in the manufacturing space. We have created KPI (Key performance Indicator) repositories, Master Data Management (MDM) artifacts, Supply Chain Analytical packs, to name a few, which have positively transformed our customer businesses.

'Congratulations and thank you, everyone. I've already been getting requests for new types of turnover analysis. I think the groundwork that was laid here is going to be a great foundation for future efforts' ' Senior Manager, one of the World's Largest Mining Company"

BI for Other Industries

NeelInfo has implemented BI solutions across other domains such as Energy & Utilities, Telecom, Services and in niche areas like Facilities Management and Product Engineering. We have also worked on government projects and understand the critical success factors in such engagements. Underlying our domain expertise in specific industry segments is our skill in mapping out business processes to identify optimization areas and following through with rigorous implementation processes.

'The project was challenging, by its nature, and had a very demanding and completely unforgiving schedule, as we knew going in. Thanks for all of your efforts to achieve this critically important milestone' ' CIO, A large Services company