Business Intelligence & Analytics

NeelInfo offers Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions with the goal to optimize business decisions and providing relevant, up-to-date information to business users. Specifically, our service offerings fall under two broad categories - a) Business Intelligence Engineering Services and b) Analytical services.

NeelInfo's has worked with customers across the globe in providing solutions straddling the entire spectrum from consulting to articulation to development, deployment and support. Our success stories are diverse in scale & complexity and run across industry domains. Gartner, a premier analyst firm, has rated NeelInfo as one of the top Business Intelligence vendors in North America and Europe in 2008.

Innovation is a central theme of the practice and that has helped us develop many value-adding tools, process frameworks and domain specific analytical packs. If you are grappling with a problem in Data Warehousing, be rest assured that one of our innovations would help in solving the problem!

Some customer facts :

The Mission of the practice is to provide customer need driven cheaper, faster, better and reliable data management running while aiming to grow and transform the business

BI&A Service Offerings

NeelInfo has well defined maturity road maps for each of the domain areas we specialize in. This enables a firm to incrementally invest and steadily bolster its analytical capability.

Our Innovation Lab

The Innovation team participates in identifying and choosing the right internal tools and process frameworks for ensuring quicker implementation and error-free delivery. Some of the well tested process frameworks developed by the Innovation team with standards, templates, deliverables and checklists are