Our basic offerings spectrum encompasses all test phases right from test initiation to actual test sign off governed by defined processes, stable strategy and effective governance. The basic offerings broad paradigm encompasses

Manual Testing

Manual Testing requires operator input, analysis or evaluation throughout the entire test cycle with emphasis on evaluating correctness and ascertaining test status. NeelInfo's manual testing framework gives the tester the flexibility to perform ad-hoc/ random tests that help detect real user bugs.

Automation Testing

Automation Testing reduces the test cycle time since it involves very minimum operator input, analysis or evaluation leading to increased test development time, enhanced test coverage quality, fast defect detection and correction. Test cases for automation are prioritized based on business risk and application complexity and accentuated by our unique Hex Test Model that has built-in Test Project Management functions to improve the efficiency of the testing process.

Performance Testing

Performance testing focuses on ensuring compliance of a system or component with specified performance requirements facilitating conformance to high service level goals and faster time to market. An effective extendable, repeatable, iterative performance testing practice is in place with well defined guidelines that are integrated into the SDLC to measure and monitor the application performance.
The Basic offerings boutique is listed down below.

  • System Testing

    Testing conducted on a complete end to end system to evaluate the system's compliance with client specified requirements.

  • System Integration Testing

    In the real world, systems interacts with various other systems hence testing the flow to other components is crucial for day to day business activities. We test software system components and their coexistence with other system.

  • User Acceptance Testing

    Any system requires functional testing apart from system testing to confirm the business process. We have skilled resources with technical and functional knowledge ( or expertise) to perform UAT.

  • Interface Testing

    No system is similar in technology with others, hence interface become unavoidable. Apart from unit / system testing, interface testing is required for any business to be operating efficiently. We do interface testing either as part of System testing or as a separate entity.

  • Regression Testing

    Changes to any system is an ongoing occurrence, hence regression testing is essential for any growing system. We offer both manual and automated regression test suites.

  • Localization / Globalization Testing

    With many acquisitions and mergers, globalization of the system is necessary for the system to work in sync. We ensure the readiness for localization and globalization.

  • Accessibility Testing

    We offer more than regular point by point testing techniques and also provide detailed analysis on the web pages.

  • Load testing

    Load Testing verifies application behavior under normal and peak load conditions to see if it conforms to performance objectives like response times, throughput rates, resource utilization levels as also application breaking points.

  • Volume testing

    Volume Testing complements load testing by determining the server's ultimate failure point. Capacity planning is needed to accommodate future loads in terms of PU, RAM, disk space, or network bandwidth. Volume testing helps to identify a scaling strategy to determine whether to scale up or scale out.

  • Stress testing

    Stress testing evaluates the application's behavior when it is pushed beyond the normal or peak load conditions. Stress testing unearths application bugs that surface only under high load conditions such as synchronization issues, race conditions and memory leaks.