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ERP Testing

A dedicated ERP Testing COE (Center of Excellence) that leverages NeelInfo's ERP domain leadership provides the impetus for efficient testing across HR, Financials, CRM, Supply Chain Management and Campus Solutions. The COE facilitates competency building, reusable asset creation, ready-to-use solutions and frameworks that add value to customers right from day one of the engagement. The large number of success stories reinforces the fact that NeelInfo is the best fit for ERP testing.

Packaged Application Testing

Extensive experience in ERP / Financial products / Airline products implementation / upgrade / maintenance testing around the globe is the cornerstone of our packaged application testing methodology that encompasses manual, automation and performance testing. We have jump start kits and accelerators for packaged applications that help accelerate the testing process. Most of the implementation / upgrade testing involve data migration testing and parallel testing.

Product Testing

Understanding the core challenges involved in product testing enable us to provide a product testing solution that is versatile enough to facilitate high quality standards as also be flexible enough to test multiple customizations and versions. Our proprietary Product Testing approach combines process, domain and technology to accelerate time to market, reduce defect leakage, reduce cycle time and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, a proprietary Component based automation framework aids in attaining high usability and maintainability of test scripts.

Web Testing

Our comprehensive web testing methodology includes the following test approaches.

  • Functional Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Globalization / Localization testing
  • Multi-Lingual Testing
  • Performance Testing

Our E-commerce Reliability Check with around 800 configuration settings is a one time activity that helps in evaluating application reliability in terms of functionality, compatibility and performance testing

Legacy Application - Quality Optimization

To mitigate challenges of legacy applications like lack of functional specifications and inability to perform impact analysis of change requests , NeelInfo has evolved an innovative "Reverse Engineering by Q Patterns" methodology where domain experts and test analysts would employ a testers view to the application and understand the functionality in terms of usage scenarios, interfaces, validation points, expected output and data requirements.

A bundled service is provided where the testing team will be responsible for coming up with functional specifications (FS) for the legacy application and arrive at a regression test suite using FS as a baseline document. The documented functional specifications can be used for change impact analysis and re-engineering project design as the project proceeds.

Mainframe Testing

We have a dedicated Mainframe Testing Center of Excellence that focuses on the guidelines, frameworks and methodologies specific to mainframe testing and creates reusable assets that can be taken forward. We provide value added services in legacy application upkeep such as:

  • Cobol Migration (Elimination of unsupported versions)
  • LE runtime conversions
  • CPU Optimization Services
  • System Performance Management
  • Application Performance Management
  • Database Migration
  • Database Upgrade
  • Data Scrambling and Shrinking
  • Test Data and Regression bed creation
  • Multi environment JCL set up
  • Utility conversions like FileAid to SyncSort, etc.

Performance Engineering

We review the business processes, usage patterns, system architecture, and functionality which make up the application. A high-level analysis is conducted to determine which business processes will have the greatest impact upon the end-to-end application architecture. The business process candidates will then be narrowed down to those utilized for the performance test.

BI Testing

The hallmark of our BI Testing offering is a mature Business Intelligence Practice lead by thought leaders who hold experience and BI patents across multiple warehouses across multiple countries dealing with multiple BI tools. Our BI testing value propositions include

  • 50+ marquee names as its clients
  • Experience spanning across Oracle R12, OBIEE, Cognos Platform, Tool migration and Enterprise Warehouse Execution
  • Several Intellectual Property's (IP) that automates regular solution development and deployment process and provides enhanced solution experience, rapidness and increasing accuracy in the delivery process.

The NeelInfo Business Intelligence & Analytics Practice is synonymous with process excellence with the following salient features

  • Ten Point Framework for BI & A Consulting
  • Report Consolidation and Reporting Tool Migration framework
  • BeaD - Data warehouses Implementation Methodology
  • Quality Control initiatives in the EDW Cycle
  • Estimation Methodology for onsite offshore spits in project execution
  • Data Mining & Statistical off shoring
  • Transition and Knowledge Transfer Framework
  • Agile Paradigm for multi project execution simultaneously
  • Cascading methodologies for quantifying and defining EDW Support Models
  • Service Request Execution methodologies
  • Tool evaluation and estimation frameworks
  • Data Profiling and Data Integration framework

Vista Readiness Kit

Networked computer environments typically have hundreds of applications installed and testing in such environments can get complex because of the following reasons.

Applications are distributed across several service lines
Applications are of different types (Desktop, Web etc.)
Multiple versions of the same application are available
Multiple updates of a single application version are available
Dependency while integrating with 3rd party applications
The problems resulting from these incompatibilities can range from losing functionality in a single application to critical faults resulting in a showstopper.

NeelInfo has pioneered the art of testing large number of applications in Microsoft Vista OS by using its Vista Readiness Kit. Vista Readiness kit is a successful and proven solution which will pull out Vista compatibility related issues from an application in an efficient way. We also assist clients in infrastructure assessment and recommendations for Vista readiness of their hardware and other devices

Benefits of Vista Readiness Kit

  • Improved ROI
  • Proven solution for Compatibility Testing
  • Efficient Test coverage
  • Reduced Time in testing
  • Better handling of incompatible issues